Thursday, October 13, 2011

[Vid] Kyu Jong at M! Countdown 10.13.11

I was in M! Countdown today with some overseas fans to give support to Kyu Jong who performed 'Yesterday'. I am sure you've seen already how handsome and sexy he was during his stage. Well, if not yet here's the video courtesy of YT channel.

Alright since I was there let me share with you what was not seen on the live broadcast. But first let me just enumerate for you who were the idols who performed : Davinchi, FT Island, B.E.G., Infinite, Boyfriend, Simon D, Huk Gak, Whee Sung, Cho PD, C Real and more. Not all actually sang live, some where pre-recorded and just gave us some fan service. But Kyu Jong, B.E.G., Infinite and a few more peformed live. Super Junior wasn't there so not even fan service was given.

When it's already Kyu Jong' stage, when he went up the stage he was looking so radiant. While waiting for the cue for him to start, he was dancing to the music of the singer just before him (sorry couldn't remember who). He was so cute. As the start of the cue, he was all business on stage. There were quite a number of Kyu Jong fans who attended and I am quite surprise. They're so dedicated. From the time I was here I always see them giving full support to him. Just so amazing. After his performance, Kyu bowed and went backstage.

When the winner is to be announced, everyone once again went back to the main stage while the show is showing Super Junior's A-cha. As everyone was lining up Kyu Jong was standing at the left side (fronting audience) as he settles himself, he was dancing to A-cha! So cute and charming. Fans were delighted for that cute treat. ^^ On stage, Kyu Jong would bow and greet some of the artists on stage. Saw him talk to FT Island boys and Davinchi in particular. Also seems to be looking at his fans with green penlight and waving while flasing his sweet smile.

When Lee Hong Ki saw him he asked Kyu Jong to stand near him. While still not on air, Hong Ki and Kyu Jong were talking. Hong Ki looked at the rings on Kyu Jong's fingers (sorry forgot to give this details earlier until I saw the photo above) and Hong Ki did the suspender dance which gave Kyu Jong a big smile. When the show went on air again, Kyu Jong stepped back a little. While the winner is being announced Kyu Jong was listening attentively. The FT Island boys were already covering up their ears as they're already preparing for the confetti and fireworks to come out. Kyu Jong saw them and also covered his ears and smile so cutely. When winner was announced he didn't left the stage right away but let almost everyone leave then congratulated the winner. He kept on clapping and bowing. I was looking at him all throughout while on stage with other artists. Some may feel sad looking at him all alone there as others are with their members, but I feel so proud of him standing on stage, successfully proving that he can do solo activities.

Btw, amongst all the idols on stage, Kyu Jong shines the most for me on the stage. So tall, handsome, nicely dressed, well mannered and looking confident.


Ivannah said...

Reading your account of M!Countdown makes me feel I am watching our Kyujongie. I can just imagine his super cute smile. I totally agree that he truly shines...Thanks for sharing this and enjoy your stay in Seoul. TC / fema

etet said...

Love your fan account.. ThanKYU... But must admit that it's making my serious case of "Kyu Withdrawal" even worse... Yet, once again, as I was rushing into the office whilst reading this post, it brought a HUGE smile to my face... Also happy to see that many foreign fans are still in Seoul to support Kyu!

(rushing into the office because I was running a little late due to my *vieiwing* habits.... *LOL*.... Ahhhh... Kyu FEVER!)

ping0119 said...

Did you mean tall? XD
BTW he wore the same as on Saturday's Music Core right?

For me, during the winner announcement, Kyu stood out too.. So tall & gorgeous^^ (yummy). But the camera didn't capture much of him because he was standing at the side. I hope there will be fancams of him dancing to A-cha and covering his ears hehe. He must have been really cute!!

I feel he has become more confident and comfortable since his first comeback stage. I'm proud of him too <3

Thanks for all your fan accounts. I enjoy reading them. I'm so glad Kyu will perform on all 4 music shows this week, I can see more of him gagaagaga. Hope you go to all the 4 shows. Music Core will be at F1 venue? Sound really cool^^!

liezle said...

HiIvannah! Nice meeting you here. ^^

Hello Etet, sorry for making it worse.Sigh... my vacation will be over soon. I am afraid that I'll be having withdrawal too. TT_TT If only I can stay longer.

Hi ping0119. Thanks for the correction. ^^ I am still thinking whether to go or not. First havent applied yet for the show, 2nd venue is too far. Five hours via bus from Seoul and the show is only 1 hr with I think 10,000 fans attending (not sure about this. Sigh...


tetsu_girl said...

aww, that's our Kyu Jong! ♥
i love how you describe him, liezle. thanks for sharing your fanaccount! ^___^
KJ and HongKi are really cute buddies. XD

Tya said...

Thank for sharing another great fan account Liezle^^
OMG he indeed so cute!! XD
i'm agree with ping0119,,i hope there will be fancams of him during that winner announcement,,even imagining it make me giddy >o<
in Inkigayo winner announcement vid my eyes glued to him even the camera only view him for few seconds,,precious Kyuuuu^^

ping0119 said...

My eyes were glued to him during today's winner announcement too! muaahaahah. He's the winner in our hearts XD

5 hours of bus ride?! Omg! O.o
Hmm maybe you should try to go if you don't have other important appointments. Because seeing Kyu might make it all worthwhile! :P

Anonymous said...

wow, no one can beat him.
all the TS fangirls will deep fail for him soon.
kyu, you are the reasons we are ts wearing smile on the faces in this waiting days.

Anonymous said...

Kyu Jong's doing really well standing up there on his own ^^ I think it's a big step for him and he deserves the best <3 ^^ fighting!~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing ur experience, Liezle. Regretted not being there! Wish to go back again! Still suffering from withdrawal symptoms...miss Kyu..sobz...

sinthia said...

Kyu makes me so proud! ^^ His showing his senior attitude now! Love him so much and I'll give him all my support, forever!
Kyu lindo Jong fighting!!<3333333333

white said...

awwwwww :D
i can picture so well in my head reading your fan account ^ ^