Sunday, October 02, 2011

[Pix & Vids] Kyu Jong @ HotTracks YoungDeoungPo Signing Event 10.02.11

Kyu Jong had his very first fan signing event today at 7:30PM at HotTracks YoungDeungPo Store (1st floor stage of Time Square Atrium). One hundred fifty (150) lucky fans won the lottery and they were able to get a close glimpse of Kyu Jong and got his autograph.

Today, Kyu Jong had a scheduled performance in 'Goong' but he performed in the afternoon (matinee). After 'Goong', he probably went straight to YoungDeungPo.

Here are photos and a vid of Kyu Jong from today's fan signing from that I lifted from the post of Gilch on Thanks much!

Please DO NOT re-upload this vid in any streaming sites including YouTube as requested by the . Please respect the owner's request. Thank you.

Btw, I hope someone can give us translation of what the message Kyu Jong gave to his fans. I love Kyu Jong's smiling eyes when he speaks.

And here's a video which I am shoving here from the post of 부끄야규 on

Tomorrow is holiday in Seoul but for Kyu Jong there will be not holiday as at 3PM he will be again giving autograph to 150 lucky fans at SoundWave Incheon Store.


Anonymous said...

Kyu never fails to warm my heart. As leader said, you'll feel his warmth just by looking at him. Wish him all the best in everything that he does.Thanks for posting the pics here Liezle!

Oh, and btw, he was (and still is at this hour) at the top spot in Hanteo charts, great eh? And I remember someone commenting previously here that this album would not get into high place in any charts, well then I wonder what that person has to say now. So proud of our boy. Yesterday daebak!!!

Anonymous said...

anyone can upload this to YT? this one is too slow keeps loading i can't seem to watch it :( million thanks!

slimz1808 said...

hope there's gg be more of fansign when i'm there in the next few days ... ahhh

ping0119 said...

@ anon 12:12 AM
Such a evil hearted person... We'll prove people who look down on us wrong.
His smile is really warm & sincere..
ThanKYU <3

good luck to you getting Kyu's autograph!

etet said...

He looks so adorable. His smile says it all... Just want to HUG him!!!!! ....... I'm on my way to Seoul now!!!

slimz1808 said...

@ping0119 thanks! i made something for him to sign on..haaa... hope dey allow otherwise, that will be a gift to him

@etet, cya there ^^
i've sent liezle my goong seat details, hopefully she get it tis time ;)

ping0119 said...

wow all of you are going to see Kyu! all the best! give fullest support!

ping0119 said...

OMG I screamed when the last girl hugged Kyu I'm sorry XD