Sunday, October 02, 2011

[ Vid] Kyu Jong Debuts at Inkigayo 10.02.11

Last Wednesday was the very first recording of Kyu Jong in any music shows for 'Yesterday' which is in his 1st solo mini album 'Turn Me On'. Kyu Jong wowed all fan girls who watch his debut performance at the recording of Inkigayo at Changwon.

Today, Inkigayo at Changwon went on TV and here's the cut of Kyu Jong's performance. Thanks to for the upload in YT.

Though this is Kyu Jong's very first stage for 'Yesterday' I find his performance here likeable compared to M! Countdown. Well, probably because Inkigayo's camera (panning) always is the best for me amongst music shows.

Yah can't get enough of Kyu Jong's sexy suspenders and wave choreo. ^_^ His singing voice is so sexy for the song too. Like it so much!


kelly said...

Even though the first life performance, but it is the most captivating one out of the four, at least that is what I think, though Music Core backdrop is nicer. And did I hear wrongly, he really hit his chest? Thought I heard loud thumping sound then.

ollee said...

Wow, Kyu Jong rocks the stage. I like this video better ... thank you camera man.

He puts in alot of emotions in his performance when he hits his chest so hard, even his mic picks up the sound. Hope he didn't leave a red mark on his chest doing that.

Kyu Jong, Fighting!!!

ping0119 said...

Omo that was loud, I hope his chest didn't hurt! <3
Kyu looked really nervous... Fighting!!! Looking forward to your stages next week^^ Will catch them live!