Sunday, October 02, 2011

[Pix] Nice Snaptshots of Kyu Jong from HeStory

Now that Kyu Jong is back again on stage his fan clubs are visible once again to share with us beautiful photos of their idol taken from shows and other events. Here are two sets of photos taken by the shutterbug of HeStory taken when Kyu Jong had his comeback last Thursday in M! Countdown and Friday at Music Bank.

HeStory always take wonderful snapshots of Kyu Jong. During M! Countdown, the shutterbug seems to focus on Kyu Jong's face and upper body (can't help notice Kyu Jong's nice neck and chest) . While at MuBank, the shutterbug awesomely took photos of Kyu Jong's full body in which we can see his long lean sexy legs.

Here are the photos which I lifted from Baidu.

M! Countdown

Music Bank


nadine said...

that is just so hawt
damn this camwhore

Anonymous said...

he's so handsome especially at the 1st picture ^^

ping0119 said...

His legs!!!! I can't~~~~~

sinthia said...

uau! Kyu is so sexy!!
He has such deep eyes! when he's dancing and look at camera, wow he makes me giddy. ^^