Saturday, March 31, 2012

[Photos & Vid[ Kyu Jong in Bangkok 03.30.12

At this moment Kyu Jong's First Romantic Part 'Gift' in Bangkok is about to start. As we wait for live updates from friends who are in Bangkok to witness this event, let me share with you photos of Kyu Jong from the presscon yesterday from the Facebook of KTJ Entertainment, video of Kyu Jong at the hotel courtesy of  DevilDenise and few photos of Kyu Jong from Music Gang interview from the tweet of @iammanus.
Btw, thanks as well to an Unknown visitors for some of the link on the sidebar. .
Press Conference Photos
Courtesy of KTJ Entertainment / Facebook 

Kyu Jong at Bangkok Hotel
Lifted from the YouTube Channel of 

Kyu Jong's Interview at Music Gang
From the tweet of @iammanus

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