Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Notice from KeyEast] Rumored Asia Fan Meeting

I have read on Twitter yesterday about this rumored fan meeting in HongKong but since no confirmation from Hyun Joong or KeyEast themselves I did not re-tweet.

Since the rumor, KE has been receiving inquiries. In order to settle the issue, KE released a notice with regard to this issue. Here is English translation I lifted from the blog of wonderrrgirl. Much thanks!


[Translation] KEYEAST’s notice with regards to Asia Fanmeet
Translation: wonderrrgirl

Hello, this is KEYEAST.

This notice came as a result of the many enquiries made about Kim Hyun Joong’s 2012 Asia fan meet.

We will now address the concerns with regards to the current overseas ticketing for the Asia tour via the website.

At this moment , all plans with regards to the Asia fan meeting is in the midst of planning and is not yet confirmed or finalized. As a result, any advance booking of tickets may put one in a disadvantageous situation.

Keyeast is not responsible for the unofficial ticketing through the website, nor the disadvantageous position any fan may be placed in as a result of it. When the plans for the Asia Fanmeet are confirmed, Keyeast will release an official notice with detailed information via the official website.

Thank you.


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Anonymous said...

Cannot wait for his concert.
Come to Vietnam please!