Monday, March 12, 2012

Nicely Taken Screencaps of Young Saeng from 'Immortal Song 2'

Last Saturday, 10th of March we saw the first part of 'Immortal Song 2' honoring Korean legendary singer Kim Gun Mo that was aired on KBS 2TV at 5:20PM.

In the two part special, we will be seeing a total of fourteen (14) artists such as Young Saeng, Sonya, Davinchi's Kang Min Kyung, Brown Eyed Soul's Sunghoon, Jay Park, SHINEE's Taimin, Hong Kyung Min, Lim Tae Kyung and more. All singers will be singing 90's greatest hits of Kim Gun Mo.

In the first part of the special we saw seven singer competing. The singer with the highest score stays and being challenged by the next singer picked randomly. The same thing will happen again next week for the rest of the singers.

Young Saeng singing 'Red Umbrella'

If you want to catch Young Saeng next week singing 'Red Umbrella' (빨간 우산) you may watch him in your smart phone by searching for and click Live then click TV2. If you want to watch on live streaming via your computer, you may click HERE.

While we wait for Young Saeng's own rendition of 'Red Umbrella' you might want to listen to the song originally sang by Kim Gun Mo.

Courtesy of

I love the bossa/blue beat of the song. Can't wait for Young Saeng to singing this on stage.

I saw some nice screencaps (including the one above) of Young Saeng in Baidu posted by 00lanse. I am shoving them here. Following originally came from


Anonymous said...

Cute, but cannot call handsome.

kelly said...

My charming YS, I cannot wait for tomorrow midnite KST for your new OST Love Song from "Sent from Heaven". It is just wonderful to have news and works from you now and then. After that will be to wait for your red umbrella, your album and drama. After that, just pray that you do not go into hiding again :)

Cute and handsome, my dear prince :)

Liezle, thanks for posting the screencap.

Chara said...

Can call him both. ^^ Can add: stubborn...

Anonymous said...

i would use "insistent" instead of "stubborn"

(to follow your own will & believe what you do is positive, although it might be better to take the advice form someone else sometime.
that is the charm of them)

Anonymous said...

aww...CUTE!!!!! The song he gonna sing is CUTE TOO>>cant wait!!

Anonymous said...

To me, he's handsome, cute, sexy and friendly.... can't wait to see his performance. Hope that he can enjoy the moment and know that his fans just want to see him as often as possible^^

yyann said...

guess what unnie, i cant wait to see his performance on the next epi..hahaha! hwaiting YS! xDD

Anonymous said...

when he smiles everything gonna be OK ^^