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[Article] Kyu Jong Showing 'Boyfriend-dol' Image in SAGBS

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A kiss scene in the coming episode of 'Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil' is something to look forward to especially for those who ship Nicky and In Young.

Here is related article about the upcoming episode of 'Saving Ajumma go Bong Shil'. Much thanks to cll_slam10 for the translation and sharing on her blog.


[News] "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil" Kim Kyu Jong, Sheds His Image Transforming Into Sweet "Boyfriend-dol" Melted ~
Source: TV Report
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Idol group SS501 Kim Kyu Jong, sheds off his pickiness, exuded sweet expression, showing "boyfriend-dol" image.

On the 6th Mar of TV Chosun weekend drama "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil" production company releases the on-screen photos of Kim Kyu Jong as the warm-hearted musical actor wannabe who exudes pickiness with loving charisma.

In the photos Kim Kyu Jong (acting as Nicky) had a 180deg transformation from his usual pickiness to a friendly "shy-youth", together with his on-screen lover F(x) Luna (acting as In-Young) in a very sweet loving relationship which is of anticipation to the audience.

In this coming week broadcast for Ep.26, Nicky after hearing a good news came to In-Young's house and in front of all the people in the coffee house giving her a very surprising "BoBo" (kiss) gift, which started to show his loving sweet actions.

The production company spokeperson stated, "After the chaotic mistake regarding In-Young pregnancy, 'In-ki (In-Young & Nicky) couple' started to trust each other, at the same time, they will begin to continue with their fully sweet love story. Please anticipate Nicky's surprise 'BoBo'," increasing the anticipation.

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