Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Vids] Full EP 10 of 'Glowing She & Hyung Jun's Cut Scenes

Last night's episode of 'Glowing She' showed the daylight kiss scene of Kang Min and Ji Hyun on the street. The surprise kiss was triggered because Ji Hyun refuses to admit her fellings to Kang Min. As the two protagonists kiss on the street passersbys took photos of them by using their cellphones. The public display will surely cause some scandal to Kang Min who is a top star in this weekend drama.

Finally episode of 'Glowing She' will be next week at KBSN. Let's all watch and see how things will end up between Kang Min and Ji Hyun.

Here is full episdoe 11 of 'Glowing She' courtesy of 's YouTube channel followed by Hyung Jun cuts scenes from the drama.

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