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[Article] More About the Sea & Pillow Scenes of Jung Min & Jian Man Shu in ' Fondant Garden'

Thanks much to RoyalPJM for another article shared on their blog.

As we wait for 10PM to come for 'Fondant Garden', do read this article to know some behind the scene fact while shooting some of the scene which we will see in tonight's show over at CTV.


[News] ‘Fondant Garden’ Park Jung Min almost drowned, Jian Man Shu strong pillow-fight battle
Source: Yes Entertainment
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Park Jung Min filming for sea scene but met with the cold weather. He and Jian Man Shu were soaked in the sea of only 10 degree Celsius for 5 hours and the scene almost became real and he nearly lost his life! Putting his idol burden aside, Park Jung Min ran on the beach, barefooted but his ankle got scratched by the reef and it bleed immediately which scares everyone around him. Jian Man Shu who is petite yet with a great strength had a pillow fight with Jung Min and her attack made Jung Min cry for mercy and help.

In order to film the drowning scene for idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’, male lead Park Jung Min almost made this scene real. The drama crew travelled as far away as Hualien’s ‘Necklace Gulf’ to film this scene but the weather did not gave face to the crew and it coincides with the cold weather. Even though Park Jung Min and Jian Man Shu wore windbreaker, they were still cold! In addition to the amazing loud sound the waves by the shore produced, Jian Man Shu who is always bold also had a face of nervousness. Park Jung Min who does not know how to swim fully displays a professionalism of an actor, hiding his tears with a smile and forced himself to finish the filming of this scene where he pretended to drown to scare the female lead.

They originally thought that the filming went smoothly, as they were about to knock off, a big wave hit the shore unexpectedly. The petite Jian Man Shu lost her balance and she fell on Park Jung Min, the wave also swamped over Jung Min who is lying by the shore. He immediately held his breathe but still got chocked after drinking a big gulp of the sea water. He panicky climbed up and shouted “I really almost drowned!” But the plot was to arrange for the both of them to have an ambiguous feeling towards each other quietly after the drowning scene. After the filming, Park Jung Min even ran into the sea barefooted however he did not pay attention to the reef and scratched his ankle, in addition to the immersion of the sea water which particularly stimulates his wound. But he was acting ultra-professional and still displaying a bright smile in front of the camera till the filming ends which he only find out that his foot was covered by his blood from the wound. The staffs rushed to dress his wound and it frightened everyone but Park Jung Min did not shout out for pain.

Even though the filming was hard, Park Jung Min and Jian Man Shu knows how to create fun in the midst of the filming, the playful Park Jung Min actually pulled up a lot of seaweed by the seaside and put on Jian Man Shu ‘s head and dressed her up as a seaweed version of ‘Lady Gaga’. This made Park Jung Min proud of his own artistic talent. Both Park Jung Min and Jian Man Shu are only having a year difference in terms of age and often bicker during filming. There was another scene whereby both of them film a ‘pillow-fighting’ scene in a guesthouse. They did not even need to follow the script and both of them dog eat dog and picked a pillow each and hit each other when the filming starts. Jian Man Shu who looks petite actually has a super strength, even Park Jung Min whose height is over 180cm could not beat her. After a battle, Jian Man Shu actually sat down on Park Jung Min who is pretending to do manicure on his fingers, the scene is very funny and Jian Man Shu even wanted to fold up Jung Min’s foot to give him a ‘Jian’s massage’. This ‘pillow-fighting’ scene is completely prevails to Jian Man Shu , Park Jung Min who comes from Korea was completely defeated by her. ‘Fondant Garden’ story which is getting more and more interesting will be broadcasted on CTV every Friday at 10pm; every Saturday at 10pm on STAR Chinese channel.

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