Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[Photo & Video] Jung Min in Japan 03.28.12

Yesterday Jung Min left for Japan. He is scheduled to have a fan meeting entitled 'Park JungMin Birthday Party in Japan 2012' on the 30th of March at Tokyo Yupoto.

There were photos of Jung Min taken at Haneda yesterday but I did not share them since quality are not really that good. When I was looking at the photos I thought that his hair is back to darker shades. Well, since like what I mentioned photos I've seen were not in good quality I was wrong because today a photo of Jung Min has been shared on Twitter by @OnlyYouOnlyMin. Here's the photo taken yesterday at the Yamaha Ladies Open in Japan (thanks to tzeyin28 for the info).

Compared to the The Doors party photos that we've seen HERE his hair above though seems a bit darker but still in shades of silver/gray.

Adding in this post video of Jung Min taken from Made in BS in Japan that was broadcast today. Much thanks to rainaftershine and an Anonymous visitor for the link to 's YouTube channel..


Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle,

2012.3.28 Park Jung Min 박정민 MADE IN BS JAPAN エンタメさき取り

Anonymous said...

YES!!!!!! He gained weight! He gained weight! FINALLY! He looks so good. I think the darker shade looks a lot better than the other one, it's unique and fun. JUNGMIN-AH! WOOOOOO!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree! I'm so happy he got his weight back, he looks really good! And I love the fan's enthusiasm! He is such a sweet guy. His stylists needs to go easy on the make up, Jungmin looks waaaaay better without so much. But I'm so happy to see him happy and healthy!

Anonymous said...

JM does always make up heavy since SS501's time, while other members do not so.
It's not the fault of stylists.

Anonymous said...

heavt make up - love him
light make up - love him
no make up - love him

just love him love him love him :)

Sinthia said...

Totally agree with comment 7:46! ^^ and anonymous 12:23 is so unfair with our Minie. ¬¬
I'm also happy to see him looking more healthy. His mom must be treating him very well!

Anonymous said...

I don't find anything bias about anon12:23am's comment. She's correct. He does wear a lot more make-up than the other members. This was mentioned on a radio show that they guested on. I can't recall the name of the show though.

Anonymous said...

jungmin looks sexy no matter what (: