Monday, March 19, 2012

Get to Interview Kim Hyun Joong for 3 Minutes!

I hope complete details will be out soon. This looks exciting. ^_^

Anyway, whoever wins I hope that she will not faint or stammer. I hope that she will be composed and will ask questions that are sensible and interesting.

Heaps of thanks to @Cheezeemelt501 for the tweet and sharing on her blog. Much thanks as well to @5StarsAs1.


Y! Celeb Mission Interview Event Vol. 1 - Kim Hyun Joong
Lifted from cheezeemelt's blog
(thanks to 5StarsAs1 for partial translation)

Make a direct interview with Celeb Kim Hyun Joong!
Event Span: 3/19-4/18
Winners will be announced on 4/23

ASK Kim Hyun Joong
- Enter the keyword of what you wanted to ask HJ. Then they will give you a mission and you have to fulfill.
MEET Kim Hyun JoonG
- After completing your mission, you have to show a proof by posting it on social websites like Twitter,Facebook or Cyworld.
- You have only 3 minutes to meet and do an interview with Kim Hyun Joong!

Complete details here:

courtesy of the YouTube channel of


Here are some of the missions which I think are impossible. But could someone really do it?

Much thanks to @5StarsAs1 for the translation and sharing on Twitter.

For details on how to join, you may check Ode's blog.


Anonymous said...

....All the missions are so 4D !

Anonymous said...

Huh! hehehehe! Would that be funny if a person could do all these missions and yet stammer or faint infront of leader. Must agree with Annoy @ 10:03pm, All the missions are so 4D!

Good Luck to those who are going for it.

Anonymous said...

because it has to do with kim hyun joong, that's why it is so leader's style :)
i hope the interviewers can read thought our mind & heart and ask something we really dying to know ^^

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he helped come up with the missions kekekeke

Anonymous said...

Is the event only for Korean fans?
Wish to see him directly.

Anonymous said...

@11:48 AM
This event is not only Korean but also the people around the world! Move so meet himdirectly. There is a fairy that the brave deserves the beauty.;)