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[Article] Hyung Jun's Transformation into Public Service Personnel

Here is another news translation from Honeyeee shared on Facebook. Once again much thanks for this.

Hyung Jun as public service personnel is looking handsome. I like his dark hair and short hair. Can't wait to see him in this drama together with veteran actors. I'd like to see him transform from top star Kang Min to smart public personnel Jung Min Chae.


[News] 'I Love You' Kim Hyung Jun, Perfect Transformation into a Public Service Personnel

Source: TV DAILY
Translation: Honeyeee @

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Actor Kim Hyung Jun made a surprise transformation into a public service personnel for drama.

In SBS PLUS's new drama 'I Love You' (Script Writer Kim Myeong Ho, Director Yoon Ryu Hae), Kim Hyung Jun plays a genius programmer Jung Min Chae who used to earn a lot of money from developing games.

In the drama, due to military service obligation, Kim Hyung Jun transforms into a public service personnel. Despite dressing as a civil servant, Kim Hyung Jun's sculpture image is expected to send aura that jolts women's heart. In fact, during the shoot, Kim Hyung Jun himself being the atmosphere maker, with his extrovert personality, spreads warmth and harmonious mood around the shooting set that even women staffs couldn't take their eyes off him.

Kim Hyung Jun said with great determination "Warm and pleasant atmosphere within the set makes shooting more enjoyable. Like that, working well with the seniors for a good production makes me feel honored." also, "In order not to cause inconvenience to the seniors, one have to bear an attitude showing that you are putting in effort and is working hard."

The first episode of 'I Love You' will be broadcasted on the 16th of April. A heartwarming drama that reclaims the valuable things that has been lost. Starting from Lee Soon Jae, Jeong Young Suk, Kim Ho Yeong, Jo Yang Ja and other outstanding actors along with veteran actors such as Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Yoon Seo, Jeong In Gi, Kim Guang Kyu, Park Jun Myeon has gathered to create talks (headlines) for the drama.


Here is another photos of Hyung Jun for 'I Love You' drama.

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