Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Article] Jung Min Almost Lost his Handphone

Such news gives us all a scare. There are many instances that phone photos are use to blackmail people (not only celebrityies but ordinary people as well). I am happy to read that Jung Min's phone never got lost.

Much thanks once again to RoaylPJM for sharing this news on their blog.


[News] Park Jung Min Lost His Handphone While Filming in Taiwan Almost Exposing Secret Photos

Source: ETTODAY + WApark @ Baidu
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SS501 Park Jung Min, male lead actor of idol drama "Fondant Garden", depended on his handphone to keep in contact with his fans while filming in Taiwan, more then 14000 fans followed him on his Twitter account. He who loves playing with his phone, while filming outdoors in Taiwan, actually lost his phone. This made Park Jung Min very worried, afriad that all the confidential information in this phone will be disclosed.

Park Jung Min is a "Handphone person", while filming CTV, Star Chinese Channel idol drama "Fondant Garden" in Taiwan, his phone never leaves him. The reason being besides wanting to know about the current news, he also keep in contact with his fans via Twitter. Park Jung Min's Twitter already has 14000 fans following him. The staff of "Fondant Garden" expressed, Park Jung Min's phone, ipad does not leave him, as long as he is not filming, he will be holding onto his phone, a truly hardcore 3C user. There was an incident when they were filming outdoors in Hua Lian, Park Jung Min actually lost his phone, this incident left a deep impression on the crews.

At that time, Park Jung Min was still tweeting with his phone just before the filming starts, just as everyone is preparing to leave for Taipei, Park Jung Min realised that he left his phone at the filming site. Because in the phone there were lots of memorable photos that were taken when he was filming in Taiwan, he was very anxious, the whole team immediately went back and help him look for his phone. Luckily the phone was found and Park Jung Min was relieved! Therefore, the crews even teased him, asking if there are some secrets that cannot be revealed in the phone? Park Jung Min just laughed bitterly.

Besides this, Park Jung Min is even popular in Turkey, Turkey fans were hoping that Park Jung Min can hold a fanmeeting in Turkey, but due to the earthquake in Turkey, Park Jung Min feels that it is not appropriate to hold such happy events, there fore the plan was being postponed. The idol drama "Fondant Garden" that Park Jung Min was acting in, will be shown every Friday 10PM on CTV, Every Saturday 10PM on Star Chinese Channel.


Anonymous said...

since when does he keeps in touch via twitter? he hardly ever tweets!

Alex said...


TOTALLY AGREE !!! His last tweet was like months ago, and besides, his Twitter has hundreds thousands of followers, not just 14000. What are they really talking about anyway ?

Anonymous said...

these journalist need to revise their sources lol
lucky jungmin found his phone ! (;