Friday, March 16, 2012

[Full Vid] Fondant Garden EP 4 03.16.12

In last night's episode of 'Fondant Garden' I really had a good time laughing in many scenes of XiHuan (Jung Min) and MiEn (Jian Man Shu). What's good about watching it too was that @blancbelle gave some tidbits about drama on Twitter.Thanks much blancbelle!

Fondant Garden episode 4 with English subtitles is now available in Viki you may click HERE to watch. You may also watch episode 4 with NO subtitles below.

Before you go and watch you might want to bear with me a little OR you may skip this post if you wish to. I am just going to give you little reading and share with you tidbits of my favorite parts and a very short summation on some scenes from episode 4.
  • The beach scene. I really like how the director made use of still shots to show the splashing of water between XiHuan and MiEn. But before the still shot, I like how Jung Min used his foot to splash water to Jian Man Shu.
  • I also like the last scene at the beach when XiHuan pushed MiEn on the big rock. From being mischievous, I like how Jung Min changed his expression to serious. The way XiHuan looked at MiEn is so romantic.

Video courtesy of 's YouTube channel
  • Best scene for this episode for me is the 'bed scene' that includes the pillow fight. First pillow fights was so funny and natural. Jung Min's long legs are so distracting too. They keep on showing from his robe.
  • The second pillow fight which happened after MiEn talked about when his dad died delivery a cake to customer was sweet. Jung Min was so hilarious when he spreads his arms and legs on the bed because he wants to sleep on the bed. Jian Man Shu is so cute pushing and fighting with Jung Min. She doesn't seem awkward and afraid of Jung Min's towering figure.
  • The breakfast. After sleeping 'together' in bed, MiEn woke up alone in bed. XiHuan is already about to have his breakfast. It was another cute scene when both were trying to hide their breakfast from one another. It was in this scene that MiEn decided to call XiHuan Sweet Potato ("HanJi" in Taiwan dialect).
  • After breakfast, both wrote a message on the message book of the restaurant. XiHuan wrote Sweet Potato likes this hotel & MiEn wrote she likes the ocean & will be back for visits. From the messages that they wrote, XiHuan circled the likes & drew arrows to each other's name which eventually created this message : MiEn likes Xihuan and XiHuan likes MiEn. Cute!
  • Souvenir photo. When you see this scene I am certain that it will leave a a big smile on your face.
  • Last but not the least, is the BTS which was recorded from the train. From beginning to end of the BTS I was smiling a the playfulness of Jung Min and Jian Man Shu. These two are really adorable.

And here is the very cute BTS from last night's episode.

Courtesy of

Thank you for reading. ^_^

Btw, I have said this early but I just want to say it once again, I am amazed at how Jung Min can shift his expression from being funny/mischievous to serious in a snap of a finger. He is good!

If you are having difficulty watching in Viki, here is video from YouTube courtesy of MyEntertainmentHall. But this one has NO English subs. Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip!


Anonymous said...

can't wait to watch the whole episodes with english subs! love Jungmin...=D

Anonymous said...

I'm not JM's fan,but I continue noticing his performance after watching Fondant Garden.

There are a lot of pictures in JMS's, director Chang's ,and Fondant Garden facebook,which is popular among we

Anonymous said...

Gosh the video is private, i can't watch it... how to get permission from the owner?

Anonymous said...

Providing link to watch EP1 here:

They have upto EP4 now.