Saturday, March 03, 2012

[Full Vid] Fondant Garden EP 2 03.02.12

The FULL unsubbed video of the romantic comedy 'Fondant Garden' is out. There are 6 parts of vids for this episode and in the last video, BTS of the kiss is included.

I saw the full episode of 'Fondant Garden' tonight over at CTV and again I am satisfied with tonight's episode. Though not understanding some parts, I enjoyed watching the drama from beginning to end especially when Jung Min is on the screen.

Just like last episode, Jung Min is so funny and adorable. I like all his expressions and I find him good in switching facial expression to fit the mood of his character.

In this episode, I like the scenes where he was escaping his house, when he was being chased by his body guards, when he passed out, when he carried Jian Man Shu and they both fell and when he rubbed his nose and whispered. Jung Min has many priceless expression which makes him so adorable.

Though he and Jian Man Shu do not seem like a perfect couple, I find them both cute and adorable.

I am again looking forward to episode 3 which from the preview looks interesting.

Here is the full video for your enjoyment. Much thanks to for the upload in her YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

Jung Min is sooo adorable in this drama! I can't wait for eng subs thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

engs subs are up on viki now :D