Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Vid] Jung Min Driving His Car After VANTVAART Fashion Show

Member of ParkJungMinFanClub shared on their YouTube channel, , a video of Jung Min driving his car on the 25th of March when he attended the VANTVAART Fashion Show at Seoul Gangnam Shinsadong 915 Industry Art Gallery.

Many would be happy to see this video as there are only few who had seen Jung Min drives his car. So enjoy this 1 minute and 24 seconds clip with song sang my Jung Min in 'Fondant Garden' as the background music.

Btw, please respect the owner of this video by not uploading the video in any other streaming site including YouTube.

Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip!


Anonymous said...

lol did he forget how to start the car

Anonymous said...

@2:37, I know, it's was so funny but yet sooo cute right? ;p

I guessed he must have really not driven the car for a long time since his long stay in TW. But still.. it's so funny! :P