Saturday, March 03, 2012

[Vid] Jung Min & Jian Man Shu Kiss Scene NG Cut Only

Have you seen last night's episode 2 of 'Fondant Garden'. Well if you still haven't you may watch HERE the unsubbed video OR watch HERE over at the full show with English subs.

For those who are just looking for the cute kiss scene NGs of Jung Min and Jian Man Shu, has shared the cut vid on her YT channel. Much thanks!

Yah, 15 NGs! Super lucky Jian Man Shu to touch lips with Jung Min 15 times! These two are really adorable though they don't seem perfect for each other. But I like it a lot that there is no awkwardness and despite the language barrier, they seem to work well.


Anonymous said...

At 2:17 - Someone said "the director didn't say cut, you must continue kissing" Jung Min is so nervous that he kneeled down at the table and cried help.

At 4:40 - Both of them denied feeling awkward with each other but at the end of the video, Jung Ming laughed so awkwardly... his true feeling, cute.

I keep repeating the video, laughing out loud at this cute couple.

Anonymous said...

cute !

Anonymous said...

MinJian <3