Saturday, March 24, 2012

[Full Vid] Fondant Garden EP5 03.23.12

As mentioned last week, there are going to be revelations in this week's episode. One of which is that Xian Han (Jung Min) did not have a memory lost and this was only revealed to Han Xian (Kingone). The second is that Xi Huan learned the lies of MiEn (Jian Man Shu) and AiLin. But then Xi Huan can't stop MiEn because he himself is lying about his memory lost.

I am so happy to watch 'Fondant Garden' again last night @blancbelle she was online again to give me tidbits of info about the drama. Her tweets helped me a lot to understand it. Much thanks Belle!

Episode 5 with English subs is not available at ViKi you may click HERE .

There were only few scenes that made me laugh tonight but I had a real good laugh watching them. I really like the staircase scene from beginning to end. Starting off when Jung Min was standing like a soldier with a mop in had, taking off the gum that was stuck in his shoes, cleaning the entire staircase and letting the customers take the long way out. Really hilarious. There were other scenes that made smile but won't give details anymore. I just would like to comment that scenes in which Jung Min is hilarious/funnay are so much Jung Min himself.

Other scenes that I like are scenes in which Jung Min is showing showing his versatility in acting. He is really good at changing his facial expression in a snap and expressing his eyes in various acting. You could very well see that in many of the scenes in this episode so I won't keep you long and let you watch the videos below. Much thanks to MyEntertainmentHall for providing the full episode in YouTube.

If you can't view the video from MyEntertainmentHall You may check the other video I put at the end of this post. Thanks to Anonymous for the tip on the comment box.

In the BTS last night, you'll be seeing the beach scene and a bit of the pillow fight.



Anonymous said...

Ep.5 tells us a lot of detail and changes in Xian Han;He becomes more considerate and thoughtful,but he realizes his love for MiEn(showing great jealousness) in the same time.

Conversations between Xian Han and others are very funny.I hope the eng sub will soon upload for people not knowing Chinese.^^

In Ep.6,there are big changes between these four people.I can't wait to enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle,

The videos are all marked 'private'. Found another link below that you can watch the full Ep5.!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle,

The videos are all marked 'private'. Found another link below that you can watch the full Ep5.!

5enjou said...

yup, 1 of my favourite scene was also JM cleaning the stairs. Really make you laugh out loud. ^_^

liezle said...

thanks 11:23 for the tip. I also shared the vid in my post.