Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Vid] Kyu Jong Cut Scenes in EP26 of 'Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil'

In tonight's broadcast we see Nicky auditioning for the musical by singing and dancing. As he passed the audition he went to call In Young to join him for a coffee to give the good news. But before doing so he gave a surprise kiss on the cheek. After their coffee the two went for a walk and you will see both of them happily walking on the street holding hands.

Here is cut scenes of Kyu Jong from episode 26 of 'Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil'. Thanks much to for another upload in YouTube and to cll_slam10 for the tip on Twitter.

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ReemZ said...

Liezle, did you know that Young Saeng had a cameo in B1A4's Sesame Player? In episode 5, he comes as a sunbae to support them! It took place during his press conference for his sitcom, and he looks so nice!
The episode is on youtube, so make sure to check it out!