Sunday, March 04, 2012

[Vid] Cut Scenes of Kyu Jong in EP 24 of 'Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil'

You want to know Nicky's reaction after the shocking announcement of Jae In's mom? Kyu Jong's cut from tonight's episode is alrady out. Check how Kyu Jong shifts emotions from being cold to compassionate.

Thanks to cll_slam10 for the tweeting link to kyudreamm YouTube channel.

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Anonymous said...

Kyu performs very well. He should have a male leading drama soon. I started to watch this drama before Kyu was on board because I wanted to know how Kyu's line related to the drama. Actually, I really like this drama which different from HJ baby's one which only talking about love relationship. Kyu's one has a very strong story line and lots of colorful supporting artors and actresses (as the previous news said). Unfortunately, we didn't have up-to-dated sub because it is boardcasting in a cable channel. I watched all episodes through Korean channel(s). You can just Google search: 고봉실 아줌마 구하기 E01. Though I don't know Korean, I still enjoy this drama.