Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Young Saeng Tweeted About Filming

Early this afternoon Young Saeng tweeted about filming for his first sitcom 'Sent From Heaven'. And at this afternoon it seems that KBSWorld posted the latest photos of Young Saeng for the drama.

Here is translation of Young Saeng's tweet courtesy of @superstarsubs on Twitter about six hours ago as well as the photo from KBSWorld that veggiedelight sent to my email. Thanks!

@mystyle1103: Today I filmed for KBS's "Sent from Heaven" keke Even though it was cold~ the atmosphere on set was good!! I had an exciting and enjoyable time filming keke the company will upload the picture~~~ kekeke

Incidentally, as announced by B2M earlier Young Saeng's the OST of the sitcom 'Sent from Heaven' will be released through online sites 12am. I am anticipating for Young Saeng's song.

Also, 'Sent from Heaven' will broadcast over at KBS World on the 19th of March with English sub-titles.

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