Sunday, March 18, 2012

[Article] Young Saeng a Real Charmer Performing 'Red Umbrella'

I still can't over the uber cuteness of Young Saeng from yesterday's 'Immortal Song 2' that just like many others, i keep on playing his performance on YouTube for the nth time.

Young Saeng is such a darling charmer with his own rendition of 'Red Umbrella'.

Here is an article shared the Honeyeee in Facebook account. Check what Young Saeng has to say when they were conceptualizing on what to do with his performance. Ei, I think they did the right thing. ^^


[News] Heo Young Saeng 'Red Umbrella' Charms with a Surprise Kiss Under Umbrella 'In addition to the Musical performance'
Source: NEWSEN
Translation: Honeyeee @

The episode of KBS 2TV 'Saturday Freedom - Immortal Song 2' broadcasted on the 17th of March features singer Kim Gun Mo. On this day, Heo Young Saeng performed 'Red Umbrella' by Kim Gun Mo.

Prior to the performance, Heo Young Saeng revealed 'The lyrics and the theme of the music has a story. It would be nice if it was performed with a musical touch." and "Although i am not good at doing musicals, but my desire told me to just give a shot at it. Having cuteness in my dance may caused viewers to curl up (a Korean expression used when reacting to something cheesy), but I hope you can enjoy it."

In order to fit into the theme of the performance, Heo Young Saeng appeared on the stage holding a red umbrella. Also, the stage was decorated, giving viewers pleasure of a musical stage. Through the performance, Heo Young Saeng showcased his charms and surprised with a kiss under the umbrella.


Anonymous said...

Saengie is too humble. His performance is fantastic, my heart is still pounding after watching many times^^ Thanks for going with your instinct and you are really talented!

Sinthia said...

I'm fascinated with his transformation after doing musical! Before it, he was too shy to try something like this. But now he's totally confident and due it, he's able to show all his talent! All my applause and admiration to him because his development is fantastic!
Saengie like the other members are disclosing many facets that are captivating many people and confirming that they are indeed five stars.
I hope see this kind of performance in their concert when SS501 comeback. ^^