Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[Article] Kim Hyung Jun as a Smart Public Service Personnel in 'I Love You'

Last week the news about Hyung Jun being part of a new drama surfaced. I first posted the news HERE. Several news have been translated and shared about this in several portals and I am sharing another one which I read from AllKPop today.

The new drama of Hyung Jun which is said to be on air in April is entitled 'I Love You'. Read this article that tells us more about the character in which Hyung Jun will be playing.

Btw, when I first read the article I wasn't too much giving attention to the lead veteran actor Lee Soo Jae until I check again his profile in Wikepedia. This veteran actor is one of the best. Last I saw him was in Princess' Man.


[News] Kim Hyung Jun to star in a new drama, ‘I Love You’
Source + Image: Star Today via Nate
by ehkim35 / AllKPop

SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun has been cast as the lead for SBS Plus‘ ‘I Love You‘.

‘I Love You,’ based off of a popular comic by Kang Pool that has already been turned into a movie, tells the love story between the elderly, and is SBS Plus’ first feature-length drama that will be produced in-house.

Kim Hyung Jun will play the role of a smart public service personnel named Jung Min Chae. Jung Min Chae is naturally smart, and was accepted to Seoul National University (South Korea’s equivalent of Harvard) through his exceptional college entrance exam score. While he is still in school, he develops a game for his school’s game club and becomes a legendary figure within the game industry. Because Min Chae is so smart and talented, he seems like he would be the heir to a big company, but he actually has a tragic family history. While working as a public service personnel at the Community Service Center, Min Chae bickers with his co-worker Kim Yeon Ah (played by Kim Yoon Seo) and forms an adorable love line with her.

The drama version of ‘I Love You’ is highly anticipated as veteran actor, Lee Soon Jae, who made viewers laugh and cry with his role in the beautiful and heart-warming love story between an old couple in the movie, will reprise his role as Kim Man Suk. The drama is scheduled to air in early April.

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omg lee soon jae is an amazing actor. omg baby has got an amazing role this time. can't wait to see how he acts this new role. thanks for sharing :)