Tuesday, March 20, 2012

[Trans] Kyu Jong Fan Meet in Japan on May 2

Kyu Jong seems to be on a roll hoping from once country to another to make some fans happy and feel their love. Here is another one to see Kyu Jong outside of Korea. Check the details translated by xiaochu on Quainte501.


[Trans] Kim KyuJong Japan Official Fan Club – Fan Meeting 2012 Confirmed
Credits : http://www.kimkyujong.jp/ + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


02 May 2012 (Wed) Tokyo/SHIBUYA-AX
Daytime session : Opens 14:30, Starts 15:00
Nighttime session : Opens 18:30, Starts 19:00

Fee : 8,500 (Includes tax) *1F Fixed / 2F Fixed

Method of Application :
Follow the following scheduled dates. Refer to homepage for detailed method of application.
1. Pre-sale for fan club members
Period : 21-Mar-2012 (Wed) 12:00 ~ 26-Mar-2012 (Mon) 18:00
Homepage : http://eplus.jp/kimkyujong-fc/

2. Normal Pre-sale
Period : 29-Mar-2012 (Thu) 12:00 ~ 04-Apr-2012 (Wed) 18:00
Homepage : http://eplus.jp/kkj/

3. Normal Purchase
Period : 14-Apr-2012 (Sat) 10:00 ~
Homepage : http://eplus.jp/kkj/

Important note :
1 ticket required for each session, can purchase up to 4 tickets.
Please note that if sale of tickets exceeds number of tickets offered, balloting will take place.

Further enquiries, please contact
Tel : 0570-06-9919 [10:00 ~ 18:00]

Please note that your enquiry on the ticketing to Official Fan Club will not be answered, please contact the above for any enquiries.

Not 100% sure if I'm right..
I used google translate to translate these. tongue.gif
Still credit me yah? keke


Anonymous said...

ya right, he goes everywhere except singapore and malaysia. why the discrimination?

Anonymous said...

yup,agree with 1st anonymous. kyu jong haven't been to Malaysia since last time with the other 4 as SS501. that was like 3 yrs ago...we've waited for so long~

Maria said...

@LCs aww maybe they haven't worked out a deal with his company yet... I don't think he would discriminate, especially his fans. To me he seems like a really nice and respectful idol, I cant imagine him doing that..

Anonymous said...

i don't think kyujong himself would discriminate, more like the company or organizer. i just don't understand why, i mean JM, baby and leader all been to malaysia and singapore rather frequently, why B2M so special couldn't work out a deal?

Anonymous said...

Precisely. Don't put the blame on Kyujong or anything. In the entertainment circle, it involves more than just the celebrity alone though he/she might be the face that we keep seeing. Frankly, the market isn't really huge in either Malaysia or Singapore. As much as I would like to deny, Leader has the greatest impact in these two countries. Not that I am against him, he deserves that it too, but the difference in popularity is pretty obvious in these two countries IMO. Yes, Jungmin and baby are doing awesome when they came to Singapore but seriously, I wouldn't consider the turnouts of the events I have attended to be really that great.

Businesses, regarding which industry, at the end of the day are still businesses. Just like we wouldn't want to set up a company simply to lose money or not earning money, they are the same. They have to be pragmatic. If the market isn't big enough, then it simply isn't large enough. No use spending large captial and resources to attempt to enter such a small market which you wouldn't get much returns. Furthermore you have to understand the cost behind bringing in old artists like ss501 members. Personally, I dont think they are cheap or easy to bring in. SS501 is a pretty established name and it isn't gonna to cost as low as bringing those newly debuted bands. They are afterall, super stars.

Furthermore, it hasn't been confirmed that Kyujong wouldn't come right? We can always try to hold on to the hope until it is really obvious that he won't be coming. Even if he doesn't come this time round, he might the next time round. But most importantly, I believe in supporting the boys regardless where they are.

Sinthia said...

at least you girls in Asia have a chance that Kyu can go to your country someday, whereas to me is almost impossible that any of them come to Brazil. T.T

I'm happy Kyu is enlarging his fan club... hope this event be huge success as the fan meeting in Taiwan.