Thursday, March 01, 2012

[Vids] Hyun Joong AEON's New CF and Making

Much thanks to veggiedelight for the tips on where to watch the following videos of Hyun Joong from AEON.

First video was lifted from YouTube channel Even in simple white tee, Hyun Joong's appeal is overflowing.

Next is the making of the latest cf from AEON. I hope high quality video is available. If anyone knows where to watch please tips us. Anyway, much thanks to for the upload in YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Nice CF.
Leader is so cute.

Anonymous said...

so cute and fresh !
perfect as always.

Anonymous said...

Are we in heaven?...hmmmn nice

PerfectJoongie said...

Yeah, we are definately in heaven.
Hyun Joong is a perfect eye-candy, such a beautiful and lovely person.

Anonymous said...

Quite agree to above comments~
KHJ is just a perfect beautiful creature, the one & only.

Anonymous said...

I was begining to think that this is a SS401 blogsite. Hardly any news of Hyun Joong and if any at all, only the shortest write-up or next to none.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:01 PM

HJ has been keeping a low profile lately, therefore, there are no news of him.