Wednesday, March 07, 2012

[Article] How Hyun Joong Handled Sasaeng Fans

Much thanks to leesa86 for this article. When I saw this photos I remember seeing the video of this and sharing as well in this blog. I hope I can still find that vid and share with you because the one shared in AKP doesn't work on me.

I remember one story of Hyun Joong meeting some sasaeng fans in a convenient store near his apartment. He treated them for some drinks and told them politely to go home.

I really do hope that fans will realize that idols are human as well. They need privacy as well.

Anyway, for the benefit of the others a saseng fan is fan who try to know about every single aspect of an idol’s life to the degree of stalking.


[News] Netizens take note of Kim Hyun Joong’s manners when dealing with his own Sasaeng fans
Source : StarToday via Nate
by leesa86 / AllKPop

A short clip of singer Kim Hyun Joong responding to his own Sasaeng fans is drawing netizens’ attention.

The clip was recently shared on an online community site with the title, ‘Kim Hyun Joong’s attitude towards Saseng fans‘.

The video is garnering special attention, as it was uploaded immediately after the JYJ-Saseng fan controversy began spreading like wildfire.

In the clip, there were a number of SS501 fans waiting outside their office trying to take photos of Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Kyu Jong.

Their manager tried to block the girls from getting close, but Kim Hyun Joong looked over at them, smiled, and said, “Go ahead, take pictures!”

Fans who were touched by his understanding nature remarked, “He’s awesome. How can he not get angry in a situation like that?”

Meanwhile, as the controversy surrounding idol stars’ and Saseng fans continue to spread, the fans are voicing their own opinions on the matter.

Some of which include, “The Saseng fans closely watch the stars’ every move, waiting outside their homes. It’s an invasion of their privacy,” and “The stars can’t live without these fans. It’s wrong to use physical violence and profanity against them.”


Anonymous said...

Of course Hyun Joong is nice.
But fans, please let him have private time.

Anonymous said...

They were trying to create trouble between Triple S and Cassies, since Leader and Jaejoong are best friends. I hope fans see this and don't argue. We have always been friends.
I'm just glad Leader, Seangie, Kyu, Min, and Baby don't have those competently insane stalkers fans. They have stalkers too, but I'm just glad they don't have to go through what JYJ/DBSK went through. It's just plain sad.

Anonymous said...

Kyu Jong treated the saseng fans very nice, too. He even 90 degree bowed to them.

danz said...

wow, i wonder who is Saengie's Sasaeng fan?...i'm gonna throw that person in another planet! LOL! just kidding! I guess Sasaeng fans can't beat Triple S that's why they are not that crazy over SS501 :D

Anonymous said...

There will always be obsessively interested fans of varying degrees aka stalkers.

The celebs must either have higher tolerance level,must know how to walk very fast (HJ is an expert on this),can talk to them or get bodyguards that are not only big but also handsome (they distract fans ,you know).

Celeb handlers must know crowd control also,better prevent crowd amassing in advance.

KE tried to several techniques before from requesting fans not to shoot pictures and posting unathorized schedule of their star

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.09

You are 501% right and the bodyguard part is soo true and funny dough.....anyway i hope uri hyunjoong will always remain calm and compose whenever he is in situasion like these i hope im right to say its just hyunjoong to be mild natured and humble

Anonymous said...

I sure hope HJ's stalker fans love him as much as we do and not hurt him in any way. I remember him talking about a fan that pretended to be a maintenance person and went into his house. He let her in even though he knew she was pretending just to see what she'd do. He's really 4D. LOL I hope they don't take advantage him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know he is always nice to ALL of his fans even the stalkers.

I'm proud of being ur fans. :D