Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hyun Joong Spotted in Jaksal 03.12.12

I actually saw the tweets of @wonderrrgirl last night but decided not to post yet as I would want to get more information before making a post about it.

For two consecutive nights according to @wonderrrgirl's tweets Hyun Joong was spotted in Jaksal. First night was in Seokchon .But last night it was made known that he was in Yi-Sul Jaksal outlet. There were some fans who saw him dined together with Hai Ming an ex-A'ST1 member and a former DSP. He is the friend of JiHoo (from Boys Over Flowers) whom he met in Macau. Thanks to @501wangja for this tidbit of info. Do you still remember Hai Min?

photos courtesy of KingHyunJoong.com
from the tweet of @pink_floccus

And from reading more tweets about Hyun Joong being seen in Jaksal, according to @cll_slam10 before Hyun Joong left the restaurant, he settled the bills for some of the fans. Also, there was an incident in which he picked up a fan's jacket that dropped on the floor and he draped the jacket over the chair.

Thoughtful and sweet, yah?

On the side note, we haven't heard much about his upcoming activities but don't worry guys, he is preparing for something and we will know more about his upcoming activities soon.


Anonymous said...

Yea, I remember the boy in Macau.
Happy to see Hyun Joong.
Wish all best for him.

Anonymous said...

Ya Hyunjoongie, u are too generous by far! What's the use of opening a business if u keep treating yor fans eh? Still, may God bless u for yor generous n loving heart^^ Love n miss u darling boy!

Anonymous said...

i am happy you are doing well leader,
miss you ~~

Anonymous said...

Always so lovely.
That's why so many people love him.
Very happy to see Hyun Joong.

Anonymous said...

He's the sweetest when it comes to fans. He gives back as much as he receives. Gosh... I miss him so much.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's hyunjoong who's so caring and humble. He'll be like that to anyone not just to his fans. Love you, my prince!