Monday, March 19, 2012

[Article] The Return of the 'Little Prince' in Immortal Song 2

This is how the reporter from TV Daily described Young Saeng after his performance last Saturday of 'Red Umbrella' with a twist of Musical in 'Immortal Song 2'.

The little prince actually not only charmed the reported but the audience as well with his cute rendition of Kim Gun Mo's 'Red Umbrella'.

Read more about Young Saeng's performance from the article shared by Venice_YS in her 501World blog.


[News] “Immortal Song 2″ Heo Young Saeng ‘Red Umbrella’ Amazing Kiss Performance ‘The Return Of The Little Prince’

Source : TV Daily
Korea – Eng Translation : @Venice_YS / 501World

Singer Heo Young Saeng who delightfully created a beautiful & charming dance which stir up the sensation of the audience .

KBS 2TV ‘Saturday Freedom – Immortal Song 2 broadcasted on the 17th March features singer Kim Gunmo .

Heo Young Saeng was the last performer & he revealed ” The lyric & the theme of the music has a story . It would be awesome if it perform by musical style and the delicate dancing part would let the audience enjoy .”

‘Red Umbrella’ same as the title emerged youthful . In particular , the fit lyric & choreography incite the audience’s attention .

At the end of the performance , Heo Young Saeng make a deep breath and clench fist , suddenly a cute dance appear which attracted the audience’s cheer .

In addition , he surprised have a kiss with a female dancer behind the umbrella which aroused the attention of the audience .


Anonymous said...

Glad that he made the news. I agree with the article that he is very charming. I especially like his dance since early SS501 days, very cool and natural. At that time I didn't have a bias and not even know their names but Saengie stands out. Hope his new album will also have a dance song to showcase his talent.

Anonymous said...

Always love his performances.. This one once again made me memorize again by the prince himself.. Great job HYS

Sinthia said...

His performance was amazing! He was irresistible cute! *-* I loved it soooooo much. A pity he didn't win. What I found very unfair. He did it so well. He put a big smile in my face during all the performance.

Anonymous said...

He didn't win probably becos some male audience are jealous^^ As you can tell, all the female singers (not to say the female audience) and the fanboy Kim Gura were melting, excited and have big smiles on their faces^^