Friday, March 23, 2012

[Trans] S/Tweet Treat from Kyu Jong

Nothing really much this Friday but I wouldn't let the day end without posting anything. I would have wanted to share 'Fondant Garden' but I will just wait for the full video before sharing with you what tonight's episode.

So before I continue watching the drama that is keeping me awake let me just share with you the s/tweets of Kyu Jong yesterday and today. Much thanks to xiaochu for sharing them on Quainte501.


S/Tweet Treats from Kyu Jong 03.22 & 23.2012
Credits : xiaochu @

2012-03-22 @ 1:01 AM
2kjdream I made my goldfishes move house!! heehee Exciting!! Our goldfishes heehee ^^

2012-03-22 @ 1:06 AM
2kjdream heehee Sleep tightttt ^^ Kissssss~~

2012-03-22 @ 1:36 AM
JunghjuU @2kjdream oh my ke so cute!!

2012-03-22 @ 2:23 AM
jjjjjin2yo @2kjdream I can't see anything besides the ducks, where are the goldfishes?

2012-03-23 @ 6:30 PM
2kjdream New friends, terrapins too Bbyong bbyong !! heehee

2012-03-23 @ 8:18 PM
2kjdream @kkangjii There are 2 terrapins and also goldfishes tooooo~~!!! Yohee yohee~~!!! heehee Kkangji!! I miss the doggies !! The doggies don't know me right..!! heehee

2012-03-23 @ 10:35 PM
kkangjii @2kjdream Yohee yohee cute cute TT TT!!!~~ Doggies know you ... maybe!! .... Lie~~~

2012-03-23 @ 7:24 PM
kkangjii @2kjdream Wah! In the end you had terrapins!!!! How many are there, how many!

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Anonymous said...

hahas , his previous goldfish died ? the one named Young Saeng ? :D