Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Trans] S/Tweet Treats from Kyu Jong & Young Saeng 03.11.12

It looks like that Kyu Jong and Young Saeng were together yesterday to attended the wedding of their team leader. From Kyu Jong's tweet, Young Saeng was the wedding singer. Also, I think that Kyu Jong was the one who took the photo. He said that he even has a video of it.

Check the following tweet translation of @xiaochu1004 which she shared on Twitter.


[Trans] S/Tweet Treat 03.11.12
Korean to English translation by xiaochu1004 on Twitter

@2kjdream pretties^^.. I attended our great team leader's wedding to congratulate him~! Please give your blessings everyone..!!^^ ~~

[liezle : at first glace I thought it was Kyu Jong who is the wedding singer]

@mystyle1103 to @2kjdream ah~~ that's me Keke

@2kjdream and..northeast japan earthquake.. 11mar.. Already 1 year has passed.. I hope that there will be Quick happiness of many of you.. And filled with good things in the future..!!

@2kjdream to @mystyle1103 I also have video hehe!! You're great and singing is just heehee!!


kelly said...

So indeed YS is the singer. From KJ's tweet, the fans thought KJ is the singer but wonder why the person in the photo looks like YS. So it is indeed YS. The fans' eyes are sure sharp :)

Maria said...

geez for a moment there i thought he had tweeted that he got married!!! thank you for clearing this up for me!! it really wouldnt matter if he got married that would not stop me from liking him as an artist!!!