Saturday, March 10, 2012

Full Vid of 'Immortal Song 2' & Preview for 03.17.12 with Heo Young Saeng

Today is the first day that Young Saeng appeared on 'Immortal Song2' over at KBS2. We did not see him on stage as he was not randomly picked Shin Dongyup from the bowl with the names of the idols. But next week, we will certainly and definitely see him on stage as the challenger on whoever idol remains on stage that the audience voted. I am crossing my fingers and toes, and everything there is to cross that Young Saeng will not be eliminated quickly.

Btw, thanks to Anonymous commenters for leaving info regarding this special show of 'Immortal Song 2'.

Here is full video of 'Immortal Song 2' courtesy of YouTube channel. Please DO NOT re-upload in any streaming sites including YouTube.

And here is cut scenes of Young Saeng courtesy of YouTube channel.

For next week's episode, here is the preview courtesy of . Heaps of thanks to cc_slam10 for the tip once again.

If you want to catch Young Saeng next week, you may watch him in your smart phone by searching for and click Live then click TV2. If you want to watch on live streaming via your computer, you may click HERE.

For those who missed seeing Young Saeng in 'Immortal Song 2' today whenever the camera pans on him, here are screencaps from @mnflnz which she shared on Twitter.


kelly said...

Thought this is a special episode? So should be a one time appearance, isn't it?

Anyway, having seen him on immortal song is happy enough for me. He is doing what he is very good at and enjoying it. I prefer watching such shows to talk shows and game shows.

Anonymous said...

special episode has a total of 14 competitors,they are divided into Round 1(1st ep.)and Round 2(2nd ep.)with 7 competitors each.winner of each round will compete with each other again according to their votes,the one with higher votes will be the winner of this special.there will be total of 500 judges to give them votes,therefore this will be a tough and stiff competition between them.
actually the result is already known,but since the Round 2 which YS will be in is airing next week,let's just wait for it~

Anonymous said...

im waiting for this week just for YS performance..but again we have to wait another really looking forward for him to join immortal song..thats my wish when i watch this show..cant wait to see his musical performance..look fun and love his angelic voice..YS faiti!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of Saengie's joining the elite group of talented singers in this program and the recognition of his status. Because of his superior singing ability, I'm also very proud to tell people that I'm his fan. Saengie fighting - go for your dream and enjoy!

AnnaAliahA'sri said...

This is what I want to watch...
But,waaaaahhhhhhh,he is beside Taeminnie <3
Love this 4ever <3

Anonymous said...

120310 Immortal Song 2 EP.41 (Full)

Anonymous said...

Here's another link:

120310 young saeng cut @ immortal song 2

liezle said...

Thanks much to 9:54 for the info on the special. As well as to 6:10 and 6:50 for the links.