Sunday, March 18, 2012

[Article] Young Saeng Received Positive Response from Audience in IS2

Another article shared by Love501 on Facebook. Once again thanks to Honeyeee for sharing this article about Young Saeng on 'Immortal Song 2'.

In this article, Young Saeng was describe by the reporter as 'skilled in singing as well as dancing, and is endowed with what it takes as a solo artist'. Nice description for Young Saeng and I believe everyone would agree to what the reporter wrote. Go and read the rest of the article and be proud of Young Saeng.


[News] Lucia Heo Young Saeng, 'Immortal Song 2' Receives favorable comments on first performance
Translation: Honeyeee @

Heo Young Saeng and Lucia had already pre-recorded their first performance for 'Immortal Song 2' Kim Gun Mo Special Episode and this episode was broadcasted on the 17th of March at 6:15PM through KBS 2TV 'Saturday Freedom - Immortal Song 2'. Heo Young Saeng, who debuted as the main vocal of SS501, is both skilled in singing as well as dancing, and is endowed with what it takes as a solo artist.

On 'Immortal Song 2', Heo Young Saeng received positive response as he surprises with his cuteness through his performance 'Red Umbrella', which is specially arranged with musical style.

Lucia who debuted through MBC University Song Festival is already a talented vocalist and is popular in the indie world. Kim Gun Mo as well as the singers who participated were anticipating it even before the performance. Lucia chose to perform Kim Gun Mo's representative ballad 'Foolish' charms audiences with her distinctive voice and have received much applauses for her first performance.


Anonymous said...

yes! i absolutely agree with how the reported described YS. i am so proud of him. i still keep on watching his immortal song perf. really daebak! i love the new found confidence in him. now im really looking forward to his comeback. i still can't predict how he will surprise us this time. this boy is just full of surprises! i love him!

Anonymous said...

Young Saeng, Fighting!

Sinthia said...

I'm so happy everyone is recognizing the talent of our boys. ^^
Indeed Saengie was wonderful in this performance. I've got mesmerized by his charm and talent. <3