Saturday, March 24, 2012

[Pix] Young Saeng at the Filming Set of 'Sent from Heaven 03.24.12

On the 13th of March, Young Saeng tweeted that he already started filming for KBS 'Sent From Heaven' (a.k.a. I Need a Fairy) . According to him as well, he was excited filming and had an enjoyable time.

Young Saeng will be playing a bright and mischievous character as well as a singer in this sitcom that started broadcasting 27th of February at KBS2 every Monday to Friday at 19:45. Young Saeng still has to appear. From what I read he will appear mid-April.

Photos of today's filming of Young Saeng together with Cha In Pyo and the rest of 'Sent from Heaven' are shared in the blog of ejy8181 . I am sharing them here. Much thanks to 한여름밤의꿈 for the tip in

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Anonymous said...

OMG Saengie is eating in a sitcom. This is so much him ...hehehe... He looks so handsome and lovely. I can't want to see it. Doesn't matter how he acts - seeing him is enough. Thanks very much Liezle!