Sunday, March 18, 2012

Full EP 12 of 'Glowing She & Hyung Jun's Cut Scenes

Last night was the 12th and final episode of 'Glowing She' (a.k.a. She's Completely Insane). Despite the show being in the cable channel of KBS the show i read/heard got good ratings. Also, Hyung Jun has gotten quite a good review for his role as top star Kang Min in the drama.

Honestly, I am so lagging behind 'Glowing She', as I don't watch this on real-time. But I do keep myself updated on the happening about the drama by watching Hyung Jun's cut scenes as well as X-Files . Anyway, but will certainly pick up from where I left off in the drama.

For those who are religiously following the drama even without English subs, here is the full video, Hyung Jun's cut scenes and X-file #10 all courtesy of . Super thanks to Prettyboy for also keeping us update.

Please DO NOT re-upload all vids from in any other YouTube channel as well as any other streaming sites.

Full Episode 12

Hyung Jun Cut Scenes

X-File #10

As the drama ended, Hyung Jun left two tweets last night. Following are his tweets as translated by @superstarsubs

@HyungJun87: The last episode of "She's Completely Insane" has ended. I would like to thank Director Lee Jeong Pyo, Director Choi Yong Kyun, and all the staff members, my brother Kwang Hyun hyung, Miss Yi Hyun~ and all the fans who came to the filming set while we filmed in the cold winter. Thank you very much!!

@HyungJun87: Even now I still remember all the staffs that have gone through a lot together on set..Today is the last episode of "She's Completely Insane". I really learnt a lot from the first drama I tried. The staffs that suffered and all the actors.. well done. Watch the first broadcast of the last episode, go go! ^_^

Ei guys, come April, we will be seeing Hyung Jun in his latest drama 'I Love You' which was on the news last week. If you fail to update yourself on that news, you may check HERE and HERE. Something to look forward to again, yah?

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Sinthia said...

I'm very very late in all ss501's news. It's too difficult be abreast of all their things! >.<
But I'm trying follow the most i can. Specially their dramas. I'm still enjoying the beginning of glowing she, and already anticipating I love you, omg I'll be crazy soon if i keep on this troubled fan's life. hahaha