Saturday, March 31, 2012

[Vids & Pix] Kyu Jong @ Incheon Airport 03.30.12

Finally a fancam of Kyu Jong when he left yesterday via Incheon Airport to go to Bangkok for  a fan meeting.  Thanks much to shirbo21 for the tip on Twitter.  Likewise thanks to for capturing this video and sharing on their YouTube channel. Nicely taken capture of Kyu Jong. As always, he seems shy but still able to give smiles and wave to fans.

Please DO NOT re-upload in any streaming sites including YouTube.

Adding here another fancam of Kyu Jong at Incheon Airport, this time it's courtesy of  ' s YouTube channel.


Here are photos taken at Incheon Airport by the shutterbug of Kyu's. Much thanks to Imane for posting these photos.

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etet said...

Almost had to explain to a co-worker why I was watching a vid of a guy in an airport...whahahaha!!!!!!
But what a guy!!!