Saturday, March 31, 2012

[Vids & Pix] Park JungMin Birthday Party in Japan 2012

 Four days before Jung Min's birthday, he  made his fans happy in Tokyo at the  fan meeting entitled  'Park JungMin Birthday Party in Japan 2012'.    A video was just shared on YouTube.
Super thanks to for sharing this video on YouTube.  Also, thanks to rainaftershine for tweeting the link.

From the video, I think there will be quite a lot of photos that will be shared.  It seems that fans were given a chance to take photos and video of Jung Min.  And from the vid as well, Jung Min seems to be enjoying giving cute poses.

Here is another video for you to enjoy this time it's from  .  Thanks to rainaftershine for the tip on Twitter.

 Here's a vid of Jung Min performing 'Wara Wara'. Video courtesy of 's YouTube channel.  Thanks to rainaftershine for then tweet.

Found photos of Jung Min uploaded in Baidu and I am shoving them here.  Much thanks to 为MIN便利店  for sharing and to all who took the photos in which credit can be seen as tagged.



Maria said...

Aww he is soo adorable!! love the way he is interacting with his fans! Love you Jung Min!

Anonymous said...

here's another performance by him