Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[Audio & Lyrics] Young Saeng's 'Love Song' from 'Sent From Heaven OST

Young Saeng's song entitle 'Love Song' from KBS sitcom 'Sent From Heaven' OST 1 came out at 12MN today.

Listen to the velvety voice of Young Saeng as he sings one of the songs from the sitcom's OST in the YouTube channel of . Much thanks to for the tip on Twitter.

If you want to download the song, you may do so by clicking the name of the following sites:

And for the Hangul and English lyrics of the song, here it is. Much thanks to cll_slam10 for sharing on her blog and to pop!gasa for the English translation.

'Love Song' by Heo Young Saeng
From the Original Soundtrack of 'Sent From Heaven'
Original Hangul lyrics: korean soribada
Eng Trans: pop!gasa
Pls repost with credits

선녀가 필요해 Part.1 OST 허영생 - Love Song

*네게 하고 싶은 그 말..네게 주고 싶은 그 말..
The words I want to say to you.. the words I want to give to you
사랑해 널 사랑해..널 사랑해 언제나 그렇게..
I love you, I love you.. I love you, for always like this

네게 어울리는 그 말..매일 부르고픈 그 말..
The words that fit well with you .. The words that I want to sing everyday
꽃보다 아름다운 나의 천사 너 뿐이야~ oh
My angel, more beautiful than a flower, is you~ oh

**내 가슴이 자꾸만 떨리는걸, 내 두뺨이 자꾸 빨개지는걸..
My heart keeps trembling, my two cheeks keep blushing
난 너만보면... 너만 바라보면.. 너만 바라보면..
When I see you... when I look at you... when I look at you..
My entire body grows hot

내 눈빛이 자꾸 흔들리는걸..내 입술이 자꾸만 마르는걸..
My eyes keep shaking.. my lips keep drying up
난 너만보면..너와 있을때면..너와 있을때면
When I see you.. when I'm with you.. When I'm with you
바보가 되어버리지..
I become a fool..

*내가 듣고싶은 그말..항상 꿈꿔왔던 그말..
The words I want to hear.. The words I've always dreamed of
사랑해 널 사랑해.. 널 사랑해 언제나 그렇게..
I love you.. I love you.. I love you for always like this

나의 아침을 깨우는..사탕보다 달콤한 말..
The words sweeter than candy that wakes me up in the morning
눈보다 더 눈부신 나의 기사 너뿐이야~oh
My one and only who is more dazzling than snow ~ oh

눈뜨면 니 얼굴이 보이고 너의 향기 가득한~
I dream of opening my eyes and seeing your face~
햇살이 우리 사랑 비추는 꿈을 꾸곤해~ 우~
As the sunlight filled with your scent shines on our love

**니 생각에 아침을 맞이하고..니 생각에 하루를 시작하고
With thoughts of you I face my morning.. With thoughts of you, I start my day
널 생각하면 너만 생각하면 너만 생각하면
When I think of you, when I think of you, When I think of you,
세상이 내것같아~
feels like the world is mine

너하나면 아픔도 비켜가고..너하나면 슬픔도 달아나고..
With only you, pain leaves me.. With only you, sadness wears off
너만 있으면 너만 있어주면 너만 있어주면
If only you're here, if only you're here If only you're here,
세상이 아름다워 져~
the world is beautiful


Anonymous said...

he's voice~~so sweet :)
and i really love this song...

etet said...

So nice to 'hear' Young Saeng once again.....
And that pic from an earlier post ain't too bad either...

Treat for the 'ears' and 'EYES'....

Anonymous said...

A sweet,sad and shy song, all at the same time.

He sings so differently nowadays, be it for the his first solo album or the 3 OSTs. Must be picking up lots of techniques.

The voice forever warms my day.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful... both the voice and the person^^

chu said...

Listen again and again this song!
Young saeng's voice is so soft and I can't stop listening this song repeatedly.