Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Article] Jung Min to Strut on the Catwalk Once Again

Jung Min had walked several times in the catwalk donning Dominic's Way ensemble. If I remember it correctly, when I went to Seoul and watched Seoul Fashion Week, Jung Min was strutting the catwalk wearing Song Hye Myung's design. He also watched in the sideline in one show of hers.

In 2010, SS501 wore designer Song Hye Myung clothes for their album jacket Destination. You may click HERE for some recollection.

A day before Jung Min's birthday, he will be again walking the catwalk. Here's translation of the news article shared by RoyalPJM on their blog. Much thanks to all the translators.


[News] Singer Park Jung Min will be participating “Song Hye Myung Seoul Collection Show” as a model
Source: TVDaily
Chinese translation: 阿四 @ AllforPJM (
English translation: RoyalPJM (
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Park Jung Min from boy band SS501 will be transforming into a model for “Song Hye Myung Seoul Collection Show”. Song Hye Myung's strong emotional design for Dominic's Way every season received love and during the Seoul Fashion Week, Park Jung Min will appear as a model for Dominic's Way and his charm will be portrayed through designer Song Hye Myung’s unique sensibility and strong design.

Especially to Park Jung Min who is always interested in fashion and likes to wear the clothes Song Hye Myung designed, therefore, he willingly accepted the invitation from designer Song Hye Myung.

On the other hand, designer Song Hye Myung's 2012 F/W Show will be held on 2nd April, 6pm at the specially designed stage in Peace Plaza at Olympic Park.

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