Sunday, September 25, 2011

[Vid] Comeback Teaser of Kyu Jong in Inkigayo

Kyu Jong will have his comeback in Inkigayo next Sunday October 2. Don't fail to watch it!

Here's the teaser video the Inkigayo prepared for all his fan to get excited.

Thanks to for the upload in her YT channel and to RiCeLyN for the tip on Twitter.

Btw, there will be no live performance in Inkigayo on its next episode as recording till be outside of Seoul. Kyu Jong will be recording his performance on the 28th.

Let's give our full support to KimKyu Jong when he comeback as competition will be really really tough as I read that JYJ, Brown Eyed Girls, Kan Mi Youn, Sung Hoon, Jewelry S and much more will be releasing their album as well.


slimz1808 said...

yeah! gals who r in town for his Goong can try catch him at the recording venue which is o/s Seoul.
They are admitting 100 fans and if its o/s Seoul, turn-out rate shld be lower (coz its a weekday), higher chance for o/s fans.
B2M posted the criteria for admission into the recording a few days back.
Based on the CHN trans by
O/s fans would need to have to be ThanKYU member (payment done by 26th Sept), need to carry the ThanKYU lightsticks which is (based on my research so far) only available on sendmall =( and need to show proof of the online music download (seriously duno if his CD is presented, would it b counted).

Having said e above, it seems almost impossible to get in (for o/s) fans ... well at least that's e situation i'm in currently ..

liezle said...

thanks slimz1808 for the above. when are u be going to seoul and until when. you can email me if you don't want to broadcast. thanks!


Anonymous said...

I hope all of you have fun in Korea to support our boys..

I know its very difficult to win on mmusic program..

but more than that I believe Kyu's goal is become truly artist then win..

Triple S Fighting!!!!!

liezle said...


I am with you in what you believe in because I also have the same feeling about Kyu Jong's comeback. He's not there to compete but to show everyone who Kim Kyu Jong is.


Anonymous said...

i hope his fans will come to support him ^^
kyu jong hwaiting!!!

Anonymous said...

I think so Liezle...

Thanks for share all about our boys ...^^

Have a nice trip...

slimz1808 said...

^^ i replied ur email with my trip details and my seat # for the show on the 8th =D

tetsu_girl said...

i love and agree with what you guys said. that's KJ's real concept: the transformation from idol to artist. TripleS, ThanKyu, & Kyupikas fully support KJ! ^^

ping0119 said...

Will still give my fullest support regardless if he wins ^^ (though of course it would be nice to win hehe)

Is there any other way overseas fans can help besides buying albums? Now that even Soribada and Mnet don't allow foreigners to buy the streaming coupons..

Anonymous said...

i love KKJ

tough and stiff competition, true...JYJ is... (based on digital and stores album sales).. is already number one... but could not perform on any music programs, so its other groups then...BUT the MOST IMPORTANT thing is KKJ is showing his love for us thru this mini album and to prove that he is an artist