Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Young Saeng in a Musical?

Loads of thanks to Ode for sharing this translation on her blog. And I am so happy that she's back.

When I first check Twitter tonight, the first thing I read was that Young Saeng left a message on his TOK It's about a musical. Then I saw the notice in my blog Ode has a new entry and checked on her blog. Saw that she blogged about Young Saeng's entry on the daum cafe page of Atti Basketball Team regarding musical. Here is Ode's translation that I lifted on her blog.

Ahh, I wish we could get more details soon.


[Trans] Young Saeng's Message on Atti Basketball Team's Daum Cafe
Source : Atti Basketball Daum Cafe
Korean to English translation of Ode /

[Ode : Only the first 2 important paragraphs, little quote]

So there's actually such an event ne..kk
Joined the cafe..and this my 2nd time coming here..ㅠㅠ
Haven't been able to play basketball these days;; Sorry ;;
As I play like those usual seemed to have strangely turned out with play arising only on Tuesdays somehow......kk

I've gone into rehearsals for my musical which began today..
It's a musical along with Kijoon-hyung and Soonchang-hyung~~
Do come and watch~~ But if you were to come for both Kijoon-hyung's stand and mine.. then you would have to come along for two times ya.. kk


Adding here the gist of what Young Saeng's message in which he posted on TOK of his official Korean website. Thanks to @5StarsAs1 for the tweet.

In Youngsaeng's TOK message, he said he was well-rested during the Chuseok & said that Y.E.S (fanclub name) is easy to pronounce since it's just..Yes. Then he revealed he's in a musical now. Said he announced it first hand in his website (but it was on Atti Basket's cafe) more with the 'mysterious' personality. And, asking for our supports! He said he's nervous but will work hard to show us his best performance. Said it's his first challenge in musical and it feels very weird...musical photo will be revealed tomorrow


kelly said...

When I read twitter today and saw this news, I was wondering if it is some make up story again. But since YS has left a message on his official website that the musical photo will be released tomorrow, I guess it must be real. So it is another surprise? Looks like he prefers to keep quiet and suddenly spring a surprise on us each time? So guess he isn't very free actually :)

liezle said...

hi kelly! i am so happy to read this news too. and hopefully fans who are impatient and think that B2M is not supporting YS would now have a peace of mind. I think YS is just the type of person who doesn't broadcast his activities until his confident about it and everything is finalized.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for Young Saeng.. Thank You B2M.. Yup I don't know why people said that B2M is not promoting young saeng very well but for me they're doing great for the fact that they're still new in the industry.. YOUNG SAENG FIGHTING!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is good news, finally YS is in a musical. YS, Fighting!!!

kelly said...

Liezle, thanks for sharing all the translations. It is difficult to find correct ones. That is always what I always think of YS too. His character is as such. Unless he is sure, he doesn't want to tell the world. And B2M is very similar in that nature. Thus the two guys website calendars are always blank :) even though things may be happening. All companies depend on their artistes for survival, so they will load them as much as they can. So I am pretty glad that B2M take the guys' views into consideration without making into money spinning machines :)

kelly said...

By the way, from the Chinese translation, it seems that his intention was to announce first in the B2M YS website. But instead he mentioned about showing a new side of him in his twitter yesterday and also announced it in the ATI basketball cafe, thus "spoiling" the mysterious part of it.

He is feeling nervous and very shy about the fact that he is going to appear in a musical soon and thus hope to get our support.

liezle said...

Thanks again kelly for the added info.

I am with you about company depending on its artist for survival. Mgmt companies are also in difficult situation, if they give their artists too much load they're being cursed if no activities they still get the same. It's like damn if you do... damn if you don't thing, right? Sigh... anyway, let's trust our boys and the company they chose to work with. I think they're all happy and are being given what they like.


ping0119 said...

Though I can't go Korea to watch.. ㅠㅠ Will give Saeng moral support !! <3

etet said...

Wow a very busy next few months for all.... Glad to see that they are all busy and very heavy into their careers...

So now the 'mysterious' YS!!!! Love it when he suddenly appears.... Missed when he is not seen but much anticipated when he 'teases us'.........

I'd also like to welcome 'Ode' back. Did miss you! But find and do what makes you happy....

Anonymous said...

these SS boys..always like to suprise them..good luck YS..