Sunday, September 18, 2011

[Pix & Vid] Young Saeng @ Musical 'Goong' 09.17.11 by shirbo21

Heaps of thanks to shirbo21 (shirbogurl) for sending the following photos she took last night when Young Saeng appeared at the theater where 'Goong' is playing to give support to Kyu Jong.

Photos are not in the best of quality because they were only taken from the phone but still I am grateful to shirbo21 for taking the time to snap some shots of Young Saeng and sharing with us.

I am so happy for shirbo21 to have seen Young Saeng and of course Kyu Jong in last night's show. She will have another chance to see Kyu Jong when he goes on stage again.


Shoving here the musical's ending as this is the only time that fans can put out their camera. Thanks again to shirbo21 for sharing this on her .


Anonymous said...

Thank you shirbo21! You flew from the US to watch Goong and you got so lucky to see YS and KJ at the same time. You are so lucky! I hope I can be as lucky as you when I also go last & until 1st week of october :)

etet said...

Ohhh La La....... :)
Its that extra 'treat' you don't expect!!!!! Yummy!!!!!

Happy to see someone from my side of the Pacific also traveling to Seoul. It's T-16 days before I hit Seoul.
Hope to meet many of you!!!!
Can't wait for Kyu to 'Turn Me On' *blush*

kelly said...

Thanks to Shirbo21 for capturing all these special moments. And thanks to liezle for posting them.

Anonymous said...

cute expression of kyu at 0:37-0:38 ;-]