Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Media & Fan Pix] Kyu Jong @ M!Countdown 09.29.11

At M! Countdown today Kyu Jong impressed us with his first stage performance for his first solo debut for the mini album 'Turn Me On'. For his performance, he sang 'Yesterday' and for the first time saw the choreography of the 'suspenders dance' in full.

I really enjoyed listening to Kyu Jong performance at M! Countdown. He sounded more mature and he improved a lot. I believe his inclusion in the musical played a big factor. His breathing while strutting on stage is good compared to his other performances before. Also, I am amazed with the way he moves his tall and lean body on stage. I like how his pants hugged his long legs while executing those curve walks. His effortless sexiness while doing the suspenders dance is the cutest.

I want to see more of Kyu Jong up on stage. But I hope the next time I see him, he'll have more confidence and won't look nervous.

Here are photos of Kyu Jong I got from Daum and Naver.

Following are not media pix but from a fan who I believe was at the the live studio earlier. This set of close up photos was lifted from the post of 00lanse on Baidu and were taken from


Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle

I thought he was a little nervous too...but that's fine, he still did an awesome performance! Have to support this boy more ^^


liezle said...

Hey there Denise! Yup despite the nervousness he's able to put a good performance. Support? He doesn't have to ask it from us... he will get it from us.


etet said...

Love that comment Liezle!
And hey don't we all get nervous the first time round... I know I still do...

Geez still have this urge to *snap* those *suspendies*

Anonymous said...

I like fans' pictures more; you can see that he's actually into the song and the dance routine. By some reasons, He looks so listless in those media pictures.

Anonymous said...

somehow, in the beginning of the song during the 'S S S S' and his hands covering his mouth, i feel that the part is dedicated to SS501. usually last time in their songs, they would always incorporate the word 'SS501' either as rap or something. but now he can't do that so he used this method instead. i feel that its ingenious!

slimz1808 said...

if i'm not wrong, the fan pict are taken at inki pre-recording, not mcd? coz saw dem circulating since yday morning =D

simply love him for being on stage for us.. really <3 him more n more each day

cant imagine if he had decided to hide in his hometown =S