Friday, September 30, 2011

[Article] Kyu Jong the Last SS501 Member to Go Solo

Earlier, I have shared some snippets from Kyu Jong's interview one of which is when he talked about members giving him support and his thoughts about going solo. His the full article about that from Sportshankook which I am shoving. Loads of thanks to xiaochu for sharing this on Quainte501

When members of idol group go solo I cannot think of any other group that all members are successful. I can think of group members though going solo, duo or group of 3's, 4's or 5's but not like SS501 whose all members are going solo and are being praised for their individual talent and recognized wherever they go. With this, I cannot help but to be proud of them as sooner or later they will become one again and show us a stronger SS501.


[News] Kim Kyu Jong, Completes SS501 Solo Activities Relay
Credits : Sportshankook+ (English Translation) xiaochu @


Kim KyuJong is the finale of SS501’s solo parade. Mini album which was released on 27-Sep is his first solo album. He started his activities with his title song . After the release of SS501’s released in May last year, Park JungMin, Kim HyungJun, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim HyunJoong went into solo activities in that order.

“In the end I was the last. It is a strange feeling to see each member start their solo activities and returning to put a full stop after making one round. It made me feel how precious our group activities were.”

Even though they went on to different agencies, SS501’s strong connection is still as before. Member’s support became a great strength to him with his activities coming up.

“HyungJun and HyunJoong hyung meticulously monitor my song. YoungSaeng hyung, who is in the same agency as me, did a rap featuring for which is included in my album. JungMin is in Taiwan, so I couldn’t let him listen (to the songs), but I believe he will support me. Even though all of them scared me by telling me that it is difficult doing it alone, but of course I do know that it is because they are worried for me.”

“It will be great if all the members came to cheer me on in the waiting room.” Kim KyuJong said. which he sings is a dance song but has a sorrowful melody to it. Song is made by composer Han SangWon. He has gathered attention with the retro series of stage clothing and dance moves using suspenders.

Our conversation with Kim KyuJong went on naturally. He didn’t hide the fact that he wished for the members to finish their own solo activities and have a like-minded (group) activities again next year. Above all, his greatest mind is on the fans who supported him without any changes even when he started his solo activities.

“Fans are friends who share the precious memories of my most glorious times. When we look back, I hope we have left the memories we are proud of there. In order to do that, I want to show our good-self by next year at the latest. All the other members are also thinking of the same thing.”


Anonymous said...

Thats right..I know,.just a some idol can make solo debut with succesfull ending,..

but SS501,all of the member can make their solo on their own way,..and in different syle..

Liezle..Im proud of them too ^^

hyunsaengkyuminjun said...

they coming back together nx year??? kyujong pls dont lie to us! we're so looking forward already.

the boys and TripleS are such special people, they're one of a kind. i don't know how to describe it but its hard to imagine liking other boybands or kpop idols apart from SS501. they will be my only devotion til the day i die.

sinthia said...

“HyungJun and HyunJoong hyung meticulously monitor my song."
Loved it!!! ^^ it's so nice how they take care of each other even when they have their own business to do.
SS501 is the best!! Every time they do an interview I feel even more proud of them. Can't stop loving them so much!! <333333333

Anonymous said...

Although I am a fan of other idol groups (such as MBLAQ, Super Junior, TVXQ, JYJ, BEAST and U-KISS) as well as a huge huge huge fan of Rain Bi (I'm going to miss him something awful when he enters the military soon!), SS501 is my heart. I just love those boys very much and it's great to see all of them being successful in their solo careers at the same time. I wish them continued success. They and Rain are the very reason why I know about and enjoy K-pop. And during Rain's time away, SS501 will help me not miss Rain too much as I continue to enjoy watching what SS501 do in the future as a group and as solo artists.

Anonymous said...

to the above anony3:52..^^ i feel the warmth and honesty of your comment...

--- I too am guilty of idolizing other K-pop groups like JYJ and TVXfQ who are also exemplary singers and performers but there is this pull of SS501, this magnetism that makes them stand-out and be exceptional from among other Kpop groups and the SS501 members ALWAYS will be that to me..... (A)

cola said...

SS501 as a group has this kind of force that brings you closer to them.

Yes, other Kpop groups may have the singing & dancing abilities, some also have the looks but they don't have this unexplainable strong bond that only SS501 possess. :) Their relationship is just something that makes them stand out among other groups. Their incredible talent & stunning features are added bonus. *wink*

Anonymous said...

SS501 will always be my boyband groud... Fithgint and Kim kyu jong so boldly kind, dashingly handsome~~ you're the key that lock you guys!!

mySSam501 said...

KJ: "Fans are friends who share the precious memories of my most glorious times."

I hope all fans should remember that line from Kyu Jong. I'm hearing a lot of rumors that the individual fans of these boys are fighting over the spot light.

First of all, we will not have Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min and Hyung Jun if they didn't start as SS501. We supported them as TS since their debut, so why do we let ourselves get angered by these awards?

It's good to be no. 1 in those music charts, but we must remember that we started as a FAMILY.