Monday, September 26, 2011

[Trans] Kyu Jong 'Turn Me On' 1st Fan Signing Event

I know some international fans going this week and I wish you guys luck to be able to get here.

Thanks to xiaochu for the translation and sharing on Quainte501.


[Info] TURN ME ON Commemoration Fan Sign
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


[TURN ME ON] Sale Commemoration Fan Sign Event – Hottracks YoungDeungPo outlet

**there might be changes to this notice.

This is B2M Entertainment.

We have confirmed Kim KyuJong THE FIRST MINI ALBUM sale commemoration an sign event.

Please read the method of participation as follows.

Date/Time : 2011.10.02 (Sun) 7.30PM
Venue : Hottracks YoungDeungPo outlet (Timesquare Art Room 1st Floor Round Stage)

Participation method : From 28 Sep (Wed) ~ 30 Sep (Fri), random draw of 150 from the customers who purchased Kim KyuJong’s album from Hottracks YoungDeungPo outlet, fan sign number ticket will be given to them
Announcement of winners : 01 Oct (Sat) at 3pm, please check it from Hottracks homepage

**Important Notes**
1) You will not be able to attend the fan sign if you lost the number ticket.
2) You can have repeated applications or joining on behalf of others, but only the person who got selected can attend the fan sign. (In case of repeated win, 1 person is entitled to 1 place)
3) You may be stopped by FAN STAFF if you obtain more than 2 signs on the same day.
4) Only allowed to have ‘TO’ and signature.
5) Do not take photos, videos, recordings, etc. When caught with it, data will be deleted and item may be confiscated.
6) Album that are purchased to participate for the fan sign event cannot be exchanged or refunded.

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