Tuesday, September 13, 2011

[Pix & Trans] Young Saeng Cute Tweets 09.13.11

Looks like Young Saeng is trying out/playing apps in Twitter. Check his three tweets in which he attached photos tonight with translation from 5StarsAs1.

I've to say that Young Saeng's facial expression in each photo fits perfectly.

This is funny kekeke

I'm having a holiday in the space~

What do you feel about this kekeke


Anonymous said...

awwww where can we find a cute jedi like him?perhaps imagining him in space makes him remember HJL????
whatever it is..he is so cute....!!

kelly said...

The first picture is very cute and the second expression is so appropriate. Wonder what is he up to?

Anonymous said...

so cute!!!.. Young saeng oppa is being attack by his 4Dness

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute!!! Can't wipe the smile off my face now. Must agree with Anon@9:33PM on his 4Dness. Really miss him, hope there's more such pictures to satisfy us while we wait for his comeback.

Anonymous said...

his kekeke is making me kekeke always :)

ping0119 said...

agree with Anon8:48 AM heeeeee.

His expressions are 501% fitting!!!!!! The one in space is so cute!