Sunday, September 25, 2011

[Pix & Vid] Jung Min at the 2011 Korean Music Wave in Malaysia 09.24.11

Jung Min together with U-Kiss, 4Minute, Teen Top, Big Bangs's G Dragon and Top went to perform at the 2011 Korean Music Wave in Malaysia last night at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur.

Here are some of the photos I lifted from different sources as tweeted on Twitter. Much thanks to PJMForever, SGLove501's Miyo and MYPJM. I am still waiting for more photos and videos and will be sharing with you once they are posted.

At the concert, Jung Min sang, 'Not Alone', 'Everyday is Christmas', 'Do You Know', 'Missing You' (OST from Princess' Man) and 'Kara Kara'.

Following are from PJMForever shared on their Facebook page. There are more photos you can view by clicking HERE.

This set is from SGLove501. Thanks to miyo for the photos and SGLove501 for tweeting the link to the FB page. You may click HERE for more photos.

This sole photo is from MYPJM. Hope to see more pix from this group.


Thanks to for capturing and uploading this vid on here YT channel.

From different tweets, I read that this is one of the cute moments of Jung Min at the concerts. He greeted fans in Malay then got a piece of paper he prepared. Apparently it was not the paper so he resorted in speaking Korean. ^_^ But on his firts greeting he said "How is everyone? We will do our best for you."


Anonymous said...

JM gained a little weight, his cheeks are back to being chubby and dayum that thighs! ^^
and did he cut his hair again?

Anonymous said...

he looks os good
love him so much

sinthia said...

ounnn *.* so cute!!! he's looking really handsome!
I was missing him so much!

kj_neth05 said...

I think he spoke in chinese first then wanted to say something in malay but took out the wrong paper. Anyway he's really cute when he panicked for a second there and just laughed about it. Thanks for sharing.