Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[Article] Jung Min Exchanged Text Messages to Kingone

I really appreciate rainaftershine doing many translation from the interview of YES to Park Jung Min and the rest of the casts of 'Fondant Garden' . Here is another one that I lifted from her blog.


[News] Park Jung Min, left girls aside

Source: Chinatimes
English translation:
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Korean group SS501 member Park Jung Min came to Taiwan for the filming of idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’. Because of his feminine look, it was exposed that he actually sent a Korean text message to Kingone Wang, which the content goes “Brother, I am returning to Korea.” Kingone then used Chinese to reply him “I don’t know how to type a Korean text message.” and Jung Min replied “Please ask a youngster (*but Jungmin typed it as yanqing instead of nianqingren which means entertain) Both of them kept playing around with the words which made actress Shara Lin and Lia Lee to avoid them. Park Jung Min’s manager immediately explained “I’m afraid that it will cause unnecessary misunderstanding thus I didn’t allowed him to send text messages to girls.”

Recently Kingone Wang who has become muscular because of exercising said that Park Jung Min wishes to do more training with him thus leaving his contact to him. Kingone who is 31 years old this year feels that the 24 years old Park Jung Min is a cute and cheerful man. He does not usually see a man’s aptitude but feels that Park Jung Min is easy to get along. Shara Lin said that she kept pulling Park Jung Min’s pants while filming a drowning scene with him as he doesn’t know how to swim (in the drama), making it looks real. He then recalled it yesterday and said “So lustful, Taiwan is terrifying.”


Anonymous said...

wow, can't even text msg female co-stars without causing a scandal? -_-; he's just a friendly guy.
also, lol at making the drowning scene more "realistic" XD
big thanks, rainaftershine & liezle!

sinthia said...

hihihih xD daebak! but I'm sure he text girls anyway!