Monday, September 26, 2011

[Article] Widespread Support for Jung Min @ 2011 KMW

I am happy to read this news (I saw five aritcles in Naver about this). If I am not mistaken SS501 has been tagged Hallyu stars since two years ago or more, so this is not surprising. Now that they're doing individual projects each one of them are well recognized.

Btw, read from fans and non-fans of Jung Min or SS501 that Jung Min was really amazing and adorable when he sang 'Missing You', great fans in Malay and did that cute butt dance (in Kara Kara?) we all get so giddy.

Thanks to VITALSIGN for this article on AKP.


[News] Malaysia feels the Hallyu Wave, thanks to SS501′s Park Jung Min
Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver
Courtesy of VITALSIGN / AllKPop

On September 24th, SS501‘s Park Jung Min attended the ‘2011 Korea Music Wave in Malaysia‘ concert, and received an explosive response from foreign fans.

He’s been staying in Taiwan for a while now to film his new drama, but made the trip to Malaysia to perform at the festival. News of his attendance led fans to swarm the entrance of the Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur and line up for seats even before he had entered the country.

A representative of the concert stated, “His presence really helped us realize the full potential of the popularity of Hallyu. Throughout the concert, he received the widespread support and cheers of his foreign fans.”

Representatives of Park Jung Min added, “Park Jung Min is currently filming a drama with a Chinese script so he couldn’t prepare as much as the other singers at the concert did. In order to show a perfect stage, however, he would take time off every chance he got to look over his choreography rehearsals and practice.”

Other performing artists included GD&TOP, Seungri, F.T. Island, 4minute, TEEN TOP, and U-KISS.


LapinApple said...

As always, I'm so proud of him and SS501. =D

tetsu_girl said...

this news makes me very happy and proud, too. but i was also kinda (pleasantly) surprised that JM received the most attention; i thought it would be Big Bang or UKiss. guess it makes sense since, as liezle said, SS501 had been at the head of the kpop wave since 2009. ^^
btw, liezle, the butt dance was during "Every Day Is Christmas". ;D