Friday, September 30, 2011

[Video] Kyu Jong @ Music Bank 09.30.11

Kyu Jong just made his comeback stage on MusicBank today. Check out his sleek get up and awesome performance as he performs 'Yesterday' from his 1st solo mini album. Kyu Jong seems more relaxed and confident in his performance today. I am pretty certain that he'll be getting more and more awesome on his performances in the coming days.

Thanks to for uploading the video in YouTube.

Audio in MuBank is much better than M! Countdown. A


bossacafez said...

somewhere around 3:05, something was coming out of his nose. WAS HE CRYING...again?? D:

Anonymous said...

Glad that Kyu Jong appears more confident here. Did I see wrongly..... Kyu Jong appears to be taller than all his dancers and has really long legs.... heehee.

ping0119 said...

Yes Kyu's legs are REALLY LONG & SEXY!!

@bossacafez I think that's his sweat?